Class yii\db\IntegrityException

Inheritanceyii\db\IntegrityException » yii\db\Exception » yii\base\Exception » Exception
Available since version2.0
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Exception represents an exception that is caused by violation of DB constraints.

Public Properties

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Property Type Description Defined By
$errorInfo array The error info provided by a PDO exception. yii\db\Exception

Method Details

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__construct() public method

Defined in: yii\db\Exception::__construct()


public void __construct ( $message, $errorInfo = [], $code '', $previous null )
$message string

PDO error message

$errorInfo array

PDO error info

$code string

PDO error code

$previous Throwable|null

The previous exception used for the exception chaining.

                public function __construct($message, $errorInfo = [], $code = '', $previous = null)
    parent::__construct($message, 0, $previous);
    $this->errorInfo = $errorInfo;
    $this->code = $code;

__toString() public method
public string __toString ( )
return string

Readable representation of exception

                public function __toString()
    return parent::__toString() . PHP_EOL
    . 'Additional Information:' . PHP_EOL . print_r($this->errorInfo, true);

getName() public method

public string getName ( )
return string

The user-friendly name of this exception

                public function getName()
    return 'Integrity constraint violation';