Class yii\db\mssql\DBLibPDO

Inheritanceyii\db\mssql\DBLibPDO » PDO
Available since version2.0.41
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This is an extension of the default PDO class of DBLIB drivers.

It provides workarounds for improperly implemented functionalities of the DBLIB drivers.

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Method Description Defined By
getAttribute() Retrieve a database connection attribute. yii\db\mssql\DBLibPDO
lastInsertId() Returns value of the last inserted ID. yii\db\mssql\DBLibPDO

Method Details

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getAttribute() public method

Retrieve a database connection attribute.

It is necessary to override PDO's method as some MSSQL PDO driver (e.g. dblib) does not support getting attributes.

public mixed getAttribute ( $attribute )
$attribute integer

One of the PDO::ATTR_* constants.

return mixed

A successful call returns the value of the requested PDO attribute. An unsuccessful call returns null.

public function getAttribute($attribute)
    try {
        return parent::getAttribute($attribute);
    } catch (\PDOException $e) {
        switch ($attribute) {
            case self::ATTR_SERVER_VERSION:
                return $this->query("SELECT CAST(SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') AS VARCHAR)")->fetchColumn();
                throw $e;

lastInsertId() public method

Returns value of the last inserted ID.

public integer lastInsertId ( $name null )
$name string|null

The sequence name. Defaults to null.

return integer

Last inserted ID value.

public function lastInsertId($name = null)
    return $this->query('SELECT CAST(COALESCE(SCOPE_IDENTITY(), @@IDENTITY) AS bigint)')->fetchColumn();