Interface yii\rbac\CheckAccessInterface

Implemented byyii\rbac\ManagerInterface
Available since version2.0.9
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For more details and usage information on CheckAccessInterface, see the guide article on security authorization.

Public Methods

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checkAccess() Checks if the user has the specified permission. yii\rbac\CheckAccessInterface

Method Details

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checkAccess() public abstract method

Checks if the user has the specified permission.

public abstract boolean checkAccess ( $userId, $permissionName, $params = [] )
$userId string|integer

The user ID. This should be either an integer or a string representing the unique identifier of a user. See yii\web\User::$id.

$permissionName string

The name of the permission to be checked against

$params array

Name-value pairs that will be passed to the rules associated with the roles and permissions assigned to the user.

return boolean

Whether the user has the specified permission.

throws yii\base\InvalidParamException

if $permissionName does not refer to an existing permission

                public function checkAccess($userId, $permissionName, $params = []);