Interface luya\admin\base\DashboardObjectInterface

Implemented byluya\admin\dashboard\BaseDashboardObject, luya\admin\dashboard\BasicDashboardObject, luya\admin\dashboard\ChartDashboardObject, luya\admin\dashboard\ListDashboardObject, luya\admin\dashboard\TableDashboardObject
Available since version1.0.0
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Dashboard Interface which all Dashboard Objects needs to implement.

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getDataApiUrl() public abstract method

Get the API Url.

public abstract string getDataApiUrl ( )
return string

Returns the api url where the dashboard object collect its data from, which then will be injected into the template in order to render.

                public function getDataApiUrl();

getTemplate() public abstract method

Returns the template string.

The string is an angular template which can contain angular conditions like ng-repeat, ng-if, etc.

public abstract string getTemplate ( )
return string

The angular template.

                public function getTemplate();

getTitle() public abstract method

Get the Title.

public abstract string getTitle ( )
return string

Returns the title of the current dashboard item, like "last logins" etc.

                public function getTitle();