Class luya\admin\openapi\phpdoc\PhpDocParam

Available since version3.2.0
Source Code

Php Doc Param Object.

The param notation is the same as for the @property annotation therefore PhpDocParm serves both param and property.

Property Details

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$definition protected property
protected $definition null
$phpDocParser protected property
protected $phpDocParser null

Method Details

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__construct() public method

public void __construct ( luya\admin\openapi\phpdoc\PhpDocParser $phpDocParser, array $definition )

                public function __construct(PhpDocParser $phpDocParser, array $definition)
    $this->phpDocParser = $phpDocParser;
    $this->definition = $definition;

getDescription() public method


public string getDescription ( )

                public function getDescription()
    return $this->definition[3] ?? '';

getName() public method

Get name ($name) of the variable.

public string getName ( )

                public function getName()
    return isset($this->definition[2]) ? trim($this->definition[2]) : '';

getNormalizedName() public method

Get attribute name without dollaer.

public void getNormalizedName ( )

                public function getNormalizedName()
    return ltrim($this->getName(), '$');

getType() public method


public luya\admin\openapi\phpdoc\PhpDocType getType ( )

                public function getType()
    return new PhpDocType($this->phpDocParser, $this->definition[1] ?? null);