Class luya\yii\helpers\ImportHelper

Available since version1.0.0
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Import from Formats to Array.

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csv() Import a CSV from a string or filename and return array. luya\yii\helpers\ImportHelper

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csv() public static method

Import a CSV from a string or filename and return array.

The filename can be either a resource from fopen() or a string containing the csv data. Filenames will be wrapped trough {{Yii::getAlias()}} method.

public static array csv ( $filename, array $options = [] )
$filename string

Can be either a filename which is parsed by {{luya\yii\helpers\FileHelper::getFileContent()}} or a string with the contained csv data.

$options array

Provide options to the csv

  • removeHeader: boolean, Whether the import csv contains a header in the first row to skip or not. Default value is false.
  • delimiter: string, The delimiter which is used to explode the columns. Default value is ,.
  • enclosure: string, The encloser which is used betweend the columns. Default value is ".
  • fields: array, An array with fielnames (based on the array header if any, or position) which should be parsed into the final export.
    'fields' => ['firstname', 'lastname'] // will only parse those fields based on table header (row 0)
    'fields' => [0,1,3] // will only parse fields by those positions if no table header is present. Positions starts at 0
return array

An array with the csv data.

                public static function csv($filename, array $options = [])
    $filename = Yii::getAlias($filename);
    // check if a given file name is provided or a csv based on the content
    if (FileHelper::getFileInfo($filename)->extension) {
        $resource = fopen($filename, 'r');
    } else {
        $resource = fopen('php://memory', 'rw');
        fwrite($resource, $filename);
    $data = [];
    while (($row = fgetcsv($resource, 0, ArrayHelper::getValue($options, 'delimiter', ','), ArrayHelper::getValue($options, 'enclosure', '"'))) !== false) {
        $data[] = $row;
    // check whether only an amount of fields should be parsed into the final array
    $fields = ArrayHelper::getValue($options, 'fields', false);
    if ($fields && is_array($fields)) {
        $filteredData = [];
        foreach ($fields as $fieldColumn) {
            if (!is_numeric($fieldColumn)) {
                $fieldColumn = array_search($fieldColumn, $data[0]);
            foreach ($data as $key => $rowValue) {
                if (array_key_exists($fieldColumn, $rowValue)) {
                    $filteredData[$key][] = $rowValue[$fieldColumn];
        $data = $filteredData;
    // if the option to remove a header is provide. remove the first key and reset and array keys
    if (ArrayHelper::getValue($options, 'removeHeader', false)) {
        $data = array_values($data);
    return $data;