Class luya\tag\TagMarkdownParser

Inheritanceluya\tag\TagMarkdownParser » cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown
Available since version1.0.0

Tag Parser Markdown.

In order to fix conflicts with the TagParser the auto enabled url parser is disabled. This means the following will not genereate a link tag:

Otherwise those values would be automatiaclly converted to html link tags (

Public Properties

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Property Type Description Defined By
$enableNewlines boolean To convert all newlines to <br/>-tags. luya\tag\TagMarkdownParser

Protected Methods

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Method Description Defined By
parseUrl() Disable the url parsing of markdown. luya\tag\TagMarkdownParser

Property Details

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$enableNewlines public property

To convert all newlines to <br/>-tags. By default only newlines with two preceding spaces are converted to <br/>-tags.

public boolean $enableNewlines true

Method Details

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parseUrl() protected method

Disable the url parsing of markdown.

Will not be parsed to an a tag.

protected array|void parseUrl ( $markdown )
$markdown string

                protected function parseUrl($markdown)