Abstract Class luya\web\jsonld\BaseValue

Subclassesluya\web\jsonld\CurrencyValue, luya\web\jsonld\DateTimeValue, luya\web\jsonld\DateValue, luya\web\jsonld\DurationValue, luya\web\jsonld\LanguageValue, luya\web\jsonld\OpeningHoursValue, luya\web\jsonld\PriceValue, luya\web\jsonld\RangeValue, luya\web\jsonld\TextValue, luya\web\jsonld\UrlValue
Available since version1.0.3

Represents any value object.

Value objects are used to formate the value of a property.

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Method Description Defined By
getValue() Get the value to assign from BaseValue. luya\web\jsonld\BaseValue

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getValue() public abstract method

Get the value to assign from BaseValue.

public abstract void getValue ( )

                abstract public function getValue();